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ROVRAK 35 Pint 2500 Sq. Ft. Dehumidifier for Home Bedroom Basement Wet Bathroom with Smart Humidity Control, Continuous Drain Hose and 0.66 Gallon Water Tank Capacity

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  • [2500 Square Feet Dehumidifier]-This dehumidifier with drain hose can remove up to 35 pints (under the conditions of 95°F and 90% relative humidity) of moisture per day, and adjust the humidity from 80% to 30%, suitable for basement, bathroom, bedroom, office, kitchen, storage room and other damp places to keep dry, comfortable and healthy.
  • [Quick Clothing Drying]-Only need to put the dehumidifier in the room where the wet clothes are hung, it can quickly dry the delicate clothes. The quiet operation of no more than 45dB will not disturb your sleep and work at all, and there are high and low fan speeds optional for you.
  • [3 Modes Optional]-Want to buy a new dehumidifier with different modes? This DOE certified dehumidifier is your ideal choice. In the smart "DEHU" mode, it will automatically start and shut off according to your preset humidity level. The "DRY" mode quickly dries wet clothes at a high fan speed, and the "CONT" mode is suitable for places that require continuous dehumidification. The 3 modes and 24-hour timer allow you to use the dehumidifier more scientifically and energy-saving.
  • [2 Drainage Ways]-Adjust to your ideal humidity level, the dehumidifier will run continuously until the 0.66 gallon water tank is full and automatically shut down. The “Full Tank” indicator let you know when you need to empty the water tank. No time for that? Then you can connect the drain hose (included) for automatic drainage. It can also detect the need for defrosting and defrost automatically.
  • [Humanized Design]-The digital control panel on the top of the dehumidifier is easy to operate. Built-in handles on both sides and 360° universal wheels at the bottom allow you to easily move the dehumidifier from one place to another. If you want to how the humidity status is in the room, just check the display screen on the top or front.