ROVRAk offers a 1-year warranty on all our products. If the product is defective in manufacturing, parts, or workmanship during the warranty period, please provide us with the original proof of purchase, and we will replace any product with a defect due to the manufacturer based on eligibility. Refunds are available within the first 30 days of purchase, and only available to the original purchaser of the product.
This warranty only applies to personal use and does not apply to any products used for commercial, rental or other purposes.
This warranty is non-transferable. ROVRAk is not responsible in any way for any damages, losses, or inconveniences caused by equipment failure by user’s negligence, abuse, or use of non-compliance with the user manual or any additional safety or usage warnings included in the product packaging and manual.

The warranty does not apply if the damage is caused by other factors, including without limitation of:
(a) Normal wear and tear;
(b) Abuse, mishandling or failure to follow operating instructions;
(c) Modified from its original condition;
(d) Connect to peripherals, additional equipment or accessories.
(e) Unsupervised use by children under 18 years of age.

We always urge our customers to contact us with any issue, regardless of warranty terms.